Parkside Realty

Marcy Basten

Marcy Basten

As Broker/Owner of Parkside Realty of Burnett County, Wisconsin, I am a member of National Association of Realtors, Minnesota Association of Realtors and Wisconsin Realtors Association. With over 35 years of sales experience, I have been one of the top agents listing and selling real estate in Burnett County for the past 20 years. Parkside Realty opened in 2003 and I helped developed it into one of the leading real estate companies in the area.

I am proud of the fact that all of my agents are full time professionals with knowledge of the surrounding area and its lakes.

My goal is to keep Parkside Realty on the cutting edge of the always changing real estate market. As an real estate representative, I plan to keep the selling and buying experience for all my customers and clients the best it can be.

~Marcy Basten

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